Points of Unity

Apr, 2020

General agreement with the following points is a precondition for CounterPower membership:

1. Against Imperialism

We are committed to the overthrow and abolition of imperialism, a social system premised upon the global center-periphery hierarchies established by the interlocking social forces of heteropatriarchy, capital, white supremacy, and the state. As this system decays, the ecological rift deepens, and anti-imperialist liberation movements arise to challenge the hegemony of the metropolitan centers, a resurgent fascism is attempting to resolve the crisis by reestablishing imperialist hegemony on a new basis. To this we say: ¡No Pasarán!

2. Another World is Possible

We work towards the construction of a participatory, ecological, and libertarian socialism/communism on a global scale, premised upon the immense multiplication of environmental, technical, and social commons; a logic of conviviality governing our sustainable collective stewardship of the commons; federated councils of popular self-government; and communes as centers of autonomous social (re)production, the basic territorial units of urban and rural life, embedded within various bioregional contexts. This classless, stateless, polycultural, intercommunal, and feminist society would aim to cultivate socialist/communist relations in all areas of life, and establish a sustainable socio-ecological metabolism.

3. All Power to the People

The overthrow and abolition of the imperialist system, and the subsequent construction of a socialist/communist alternative on a global scale, relies upon the fusion of the multitude of popular social groups into a counter-hegemonic bloc and the forging of a revolutionary people. This revolutionary alliance will encompass liberation movements emerging from Indigenous communities, communities of color, migrants, LGBTQ+ people, people living with disabilities, and the multinational global working class. Concretely, this will entail building forms of organized autonomy on the terrain of everyday life, including grassroots fighting organizations, alternative institutions, popular defense forces, cadre organizations, and united fronts.

4. Protracted Revolutionary Struggle

Our organization exists to wage a protracted revolutionary struggle for socialism/communism. We can begin to lay the groundwork for socialist/communist alternatives by cultivating countercultures that embody alternative value systems and practices, vis-à-vis the waging of collective refusals and reappropriations that liberate time, space, and resources for autonomous use. This gives way to diffuse counterpower in the form of resistance zones and liberated zones, where the institutional foundation of a socialist/communist alternative begins to solidify. As this movement consolidates its forces and extends the territory of freedom, a general popular insurrection can rupture imperialist hegemony within the territory, leading to the establishment of consolidated territorial counterpower and initiating a direct transition to socialism/communism.