CounterPower COVID-19 Pandemic Emergency Program

The pandemic is not over. In fact, infection is rapidly accelerating and expanding. This emergency political program is meant to address the immediate needs of the working class and oppressed peoples as well as to articulate the demands, strategies, and tactics we believe are necessary to overcome this deepening social crisis.

We demand federal, state, and local governments and corporations reinforce our social safety net. The severity of the current crisis must not be ignored considering the current global wave of infection caused by the Omicron variant of SARS-CoV-2. Support for workers, tenants, and small enterprises should be universal and ongoing until the pandemic state of emergency comes to an end, as established by the medical and scientific community. All closures and restrictions for non-essential economic and educational institutions outlined below should take place immediately considering the high rate of community transmission and an over-burdened healthcare system. Normal operations should only resume when community transmission has lowered to baseline and hospital capacity is regained, as determined by the professional medical and scientific community. All pandemic guidelines should be aligned with the recommendations of the medical and scientific community as opposed to serving the interests of capitalist profiteers and politicians.

If the government continues its current path of inaction, experts expect the Omicron variant COVID-19 surge to peak in mid-January 2022. Therefore, if closures are implemented immediately, we could renew operations much sooner, possibly in a few weeks. We believe that if these policies are implemented then economic and social restrictions would be temporary, and we could bring a swift end to the worst medical and social realities of the pandemic, thereby opening the possibility of transitioning to a safer and just world.

Strategically, we believe existing labor unions, community organizations, and political organizations should step up to the historic challenge presented by the current crisis and mobilize their forces towards accomplishing the policies demanded in the following program. For those of us who are already organized, we can encourage our local unions, community organizations, and political organizations to form health and safety working groups and mutual aid networks in our workplaces, schools, and neighborhoods. Those of us who are unorganized can form new fighting organizations like labor unions, student unions, and tenant unions. CounterPower can help train you how to fight back during this crisis!

The imperialist state has not and will not take the emergency measures deemed necessary by the present crisis. It is up to all revolutionary and progressive forces to advance an expansive program that can address the immediate and expanding crisis facing the working class and oppressed peoples, and apply pressure accordingly. The groundwork we lay in our struggles today can sow the seeds that build the roots for long-term systemic change and a socialist transition to an equitable, sustainable, and free society tomorrow. In a word: communism.

Economic Program:

Healthcare Program:

Approved by CounterPower's Coordinating Council (CC) on January 2, 2022.